Global Trachoma Mapping Project

The Global Trachoma Mapping Project, funded by the UK government's Department for International Development, aims to find out where in the world the blinding disease trachoma is most prevalent, so we can focus treatment where it's needed the most and meet the World Health Organization goal of eliminating the disease by 2020.

The project launched in December 2012 and is led by Sightsavers, with support from the International Trachoma Initiative, and a number of non-governmental organisations and academic institutions.


July 2014: The world's largest infectious disease mapping project
June 2013: Film: Trachoma mapping in Nigeria
May 2013: Over half a million people checked for trachoma in global mapping project (International Trachoma Initiative website)

Our partnership with DFID
Our programme partnership arrangement with DFID

Trachoma mapping grant
The UK is providing up to £10,621,044 over three years to complete the global mapping of the risk and burden of trachoma, the most infectious cause of blindness in the world. This will result in efficient allocation of global resources and ensure treatment is received by those in need.
Trachoma mapping business case and summary

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