Social inclusion

Over a billion people – around 15% of the world's population – live with a disability. 80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries.

Social inclusion means making sure everyone in society is included and treated equally. People with disabilities, such as blindness, are often isolated and excluded.  In fact this exclusion means that around the world people with disabilities are likely to have poorer health, lower education achievements, and higher rates of poverty.

Sightsavers is working to change this, and make sure disabled people have all the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

Sightsavers and social inclusion

When field workers in our projects identify people who are blind, many have been excluded by their families and communities, treated as a burden as they are unable to look after themselves.

Tools and technology

In order for people who are blind to live life to the full as equal and participating members of society, they may need access to certain tools to help them do so. Providing these is an important part of our work. 

People we've helped

Meet some of the people our partners have helped live independently. 

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