Our work in Bangladesh

At a glance

Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries. The majority of the country's eye care facilities are based in the big cities, but around 80% of the country's population live in rural areas, many of them living below the poverty line.

Sightsavers in Bangladesh

Sightsavers has been working in Bangladesh since 1973. We work with local partners to bring eye care within reach of the poorest communities. Together we have helped to develop services for people who are irreversibly blind, as well as ensuring children who are visually impaired get a good education.

Recent achievements

In 2006, Sightsavers' partner the National Forum of Organisations working with Disabled people were key in helping get an Action Plan for Disablility passed by government. Read more.

A new start for Borsha

Starting a new term can be a nerve wracking experience. Especially if you're blind and have never been to school.

Living an independent life

Eighteen-year-old Ashraful left school without learning to read or write. He now runs his own business.

Working together in Bangladesh

Abdul was quite the entrepreneur, until he lost his sight and had to sell his sewing machine...

Strength in numbers

Two inspirational women from Bangladesh tell us how forming a group with other blind people has changed their lives.

Joining the digital age

We're delighted that the Bangladesh Computer Council has committed to providing IT training to blind students.

Lighting the way

Despite a difficult start in life Sufia Khanam has found success and happiness.

Including everybody in Bangladesh

Our partner ABC is helping blind people fight for their rights.

The chance of a brighter future

Eleven-year-old Ahsanullah is an example of how Sightsavers and our partners in developing countries are trying to eliminate the inequalities that are too often related to disability.

A new future for Nizam

When six-year-old Nizam Uddin could no longer see due to cataract, his mother feared for his future...

A royal visit

Sightsavers was proud to play host to the Countess of Wessex, who visited our projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The visit involved important advocacy activities to bring attention to the need to invest in eye care in Bangladesh.

Babul's story

Eight-year-old Babul Miah is enjoying learning thanks to an inclusive education policy at his school in Bangladesh. 

The skills to pay the bills

In Bangladesh, people with visual impairments are often left behind when it comes to ICT, so Sightsavers is supporting training for 36 students of Dhaka University.

Saving sight in Bangladesh

Jainab Bibi and her husband Abal Hossain are not camera shy – and they proudly show off their matching specs! Jainab, 60, explains how they both had their eye sight restored through cataract surgery on the same day

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