African Petroleum Corporation Limited

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with African Petroleum Corporation Limited (APCL), a West African oil and gas exploration company.

As part of African Petroleum’s corporate social investment strategy, African Petroleum will be working with Sightsavers to support the development of a number of new eye health professionals in three West African countries, along with equipping each of them for their new jobs in the health sector with specialist equipment.

It is widely recognised that acute shortages of health workers in developing countries are holding back achievement of the health Millennium Development Goals and reductions of poverty. Over a billion people worldwide have little or no access to health services and the help and advice of health workers. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over four million more health workers are needed worldwide, with 1.5 million in Africa alone. Africa has about 25% of the global burden of disease but less than 5% of the available global health workforce. Turning around this huge shortage of health personnel is perhaps the greatest problem facing good eye health in Africa.

In Senegal and The Gambia, we are training a number of cataract surgeons and ophthalmic nurses. Currently, Senegal only has 11 cataract surgeons out of the 113 surgeons needed.  Next year, we will be recruiting an Ophthalmologist to work in the new training institute and medical health centre. The Ophthalmologist will train professionals from all across West Africa as well as performing much needed surgeries and providing specialist eye health advice. In Liberia, we will be training new ophthalmic nurses to work in southern Liberia which is very remote and difficult to reach. 

Royal Parks Half Marathon

On Sunday 7 October 2012 16 employees from African Petroleum took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise money for Sightsavers.

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