Charlie Matthews

I am Parliamentary Adviser here at Sightsavers. I work across all our advocacy themes, taking the research, evidence and policy positions put together by my colleagues in the Policy Team out to the people in a position to make the changes we seek, primarily politicians in Westminster and Brussels. I also keep on top of what’s going on in the political world that might affect our work, to ensure Sightsavers stays relevant and on top of the latest political developments.

Before joining Sightsavers I worked in the advocacy department of Save the Children, in a similar Parliamentary role; and before that I was at the Institute of Development Studies, doing events and public affairs for the organisation.

I’ll be blogging on a range of issues – but the common thread will be how the work that Sightsavers does interacts with the political sphere, at the UK and EU levels. 

Charlie Matthews

Why 2015 matters - globally and locally

Sightsavers’ Charlie Matthews on this year’s big plans.

Charlie Matthews

Realising potential

We were delighted that the policy motion on Reducing Poverty and Discrimination was 'overwhelmingly' passed - meaning that disability-inclusive development is now official Liberal Democrat party policy. 

Charlie Matthews

Doing development

Past Conservative conferences have seen a lot of debate and discussion of the party’s commitment to aid and development – how did this year compare?

Internationalist Spirit

While many focused on the lack of excitement in the conference hall, as I travel back to Brighton I feel reassured about the future of Britain's development policy if Labour was to win the next election.

Let's make MPs stand up for those without a voice

The party conference season represents a once-a-year opportunity to get a feel for what the parties – not just MPs but members and activists too – think and feel about the issues Sightsavers works on.

Charlie Matthews

Disability and development: a closer look

In November of last year, the International Development Select Committee announced they would be holding an inquiry into disability and development.

Charlie Matthews

Bringing the party along

It's clear that the Conservative party is becoming ever more comfortable with international development as part of their policy portfolio.

Charlie Matthews

Development: A crucial part of Labour's offering?

There are signs that Ivan Lewis is making an attempt to reclaim development as a political issue.

Charlie Matthews

Inclusive early education in Malawi

Our recent trip was a chance to showcase our work to policymakers in the UK.

Charlie Matthews

Development at the Lib Dem party conference

What would a new Lib Dem focus on international issues mean for development?

Charlie Matthews


The Paralympic Games kick off in London next week, and it seems it’s not just me who’s excited.

Charlie Matthews

The Olympic Hunger conference

Yesterday the UK hosted a summit to try and tackle the problem of global hunger and malnutrition. 

Charlie Matthews

The High Level Panel and people in poverty

Yesterday Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the UN, announced the membership of the High Level Panel on the post-2015 Development Agenda. So now that we know who is on the Panel, what do we think of it?

Charlie Matthews

World Water Day blog

Clean water and sanitation are included in the UN Millennium Development Goals.
Charlie Matthews

Budget 2012

There was no mention at all of international aid in today’s Budget statement by Chancellor George Osborne. That’s actually great news...

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