Do you accept donations of used spectacles?

We do not send second-hand glasses to developing countries. It’s very difficult to match the prescription of a donated pair of glasses to a beneficiary. Recycled spectacles are also often damaged or scratched, meaning they can’t be used. And because second-hand spectacles were prescribed for an individual, they can often be uncomfortable for another user, simply because they don’t fit properly.

We fund local production of glasses which are then used as an income generating scheme for our local partners, providing high quality glasses at a small cost.

Click here to find out more about why we don't accept second-hand glasses

I am an organisation requesting funds from Sightsavers

Sightsavers is an international, non-political, non-governmental, secular development organisation which provides technical and financial support for the prevention and cure of blindness.  We also provide services such as education and rehabilitation for incurably blind people in developing countries. Our work is carried out in collaboration with organisations of and for the blind and appropriate ministries of government such as health, education and welfare. 

Unfortunately we are not able to assist requests for funding as it is not within our remit.  Like all charities, our field of action was clearly specified when we were granted registered status by the Charity Commissioners.  All our overseas expenditure is part of a carefully planned and monitored programme; we can’t support projects on an ad-hoc basis, so therefore are unable to offer financial help.

Can Sightsavers help me / my relative in one of the countries where you work?

Unfortunately we are unable to help on an individual basis as Sightsavers aims to develop permanent programmes which serve whole communities. This maximises the funds which donors entrust to us. It isn’t a cost-effective use of these funds to support treatment for individuals.

However, you can contact our relevant regional office which may be able to direct you to a local hospital or centre where treatment is available.

Can you help me with an eye problem?

Sightsavers itself does not directly deliver eye care in the countries where we work. We do not have clinical teams or specialists; all service delivery is carried out by our local partners. Our mandate doesn’t allow us to work in the UK, and as such we are not in a position to comment on ophthalmic practices in the UK, or to offer diagnoses or medical advice.

If you are looking for sound medical advice you can contact Moorfields Eye Hospital.  Their address is:

Moorfields Eye Hospital
City Road

General Telephone number: 0207 5662414
Medical Advice: 0207 5662345  Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm


They may be able to advise you on next steps or suggest somewhere you might go for impartial advice.

How does Sightsavers spend donation money?

From every £1 you give, 74.2p directly helps us prevent blindness, restore sight and promote equality for people who are irreversibly blind. 25.8p keeps us running and helps raise the next £1.

For more information about our income and expenditure you can download our 2012 Annual Review & financial statements.

Which countries do you work in?

You can download a PDF below to see where we work around the world.

Where Sightsavers works

Can I volunteer in one of the counties where you work?

With the exception of qualified ophthalmologists we do not employ or use the services of volunteers from the UK. All our overseas staff and volunteers are recruited in the countries in which we work.

However the following organisations may be able to use your services:

I would like to work at Sightsavers, who should I contact?

Sightsavers is a great place to work! You can check the vacancies section of our website for any jobs we are currently advertising.

You can also contact our HR team regarding vacancies on

Please don’t send us your CV however as all our recruitment is done via application forms; we don’t accept CVs.

Can I do a Gift Aid declaration online?

Yes that's fine! Please download the form below and return it to us at Sightsavers Supporter Care Team:

2a Halifax Road
SN12 6YY
United Kingdom

This is our postal address only. If you are visiting our office in Haywards Heath, please call for details and directions.

What are your bank details so I can send you a donation?

We would prefer to accept donations either through the website, or by contacting our Supporter Care Team on  01444 446710 or

Can you send me a Direct Debit form?

If you would you like to set up a Direct Debit to Sightsavers you can do that online. Just follow the link below:

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